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Planning your future, whether you are just starting with life, have a family or getting ready for retirement. Being in control is key to your successes and happiness.

With our planning and knowledge we will help you succeed in life challenges.

Starting out with life


You have just started out in life, independent, living your life the way you want.

Enjoying all that life offers to you and the enjoyment it gives back.

Thinking of you future is something we all never really think of at this stage in our lives.

You want the best for your future, even though we all put it off at our age.


Pensions, savings, mortgages and protecting your lifestyle, it’s a world away from today, but tomorrow is always coming.


Being ahead of your future, you can take control, with knowledge and support from our advisor.

If you can create a good solid financial base today, should make your progress through life prosperous and rewarding.


Take the steps you need for securing your future.

Applying takes 2 minutes for your future to begin.


We will always be supporting you and helping you make the right decisions.

I was 25 when I started saving for my pension and I am glad I did, I am now 35 and those 10 years have gone so quick. The last review I had with Lord Clarke my pension had accumulated past £18,000. All from saving £80 a month!


I would always recommend Lord Clarke


You’re Family


A time in your life that brings bundles of joy. Family life and work what a juggle it can be.

Always demanding and giving new chores. Life has changed priorities and all.


Reviewing your finances and organising them to your needs, has never been so helpful and at your ease. Relax and enjoy the treatment we give, with friendly advice and direction.

Give your family the best possible start in life.


As your family grows, you may want to have a bigger home. Or you may just want to check on your pension.


Take the steps you need, secure your future.

Applying takes 2 minutes for the benefit of you and your family.


We will always be happy to hear from you and ready for your call.


I didn’t think I would have much of a pension provision, but the truth is I didn’t know.


I was really surprised when Lord Clarke called me to discuss what they had found out about my pensions.


When I found out that my pension had over a £150,000 in it I was genuinely shocked, then Lord Clarke took the time to explain my options.

Your Retirement


Retirement is something you have worked all your life for.

A new direction is coming and being well prepared, by having a full understanding of the new direction in your life, is a prerequisite.


Now that you have more time on your hands, you want to spend more time on the things you enjoy. Perhaps helping with caring for your grandchildren or maybe your just not ready to stop work completely and take a part time job.


Overall at this time in your life, your concern will be for your well-being and the support you get in later life. Having you pension fund and investments monitored is a priority for you, to maintain the life you wish for. There is a time in your life when you pass on your inheritance to your siblings and having that time prepared is something your family will take comfort in, knowing your wishes have been fulfilled.


Peace of mind is what we can give you, giving you all the information and planning for your needs.

We give you friendly one to one advice, all at your convenience and at your pace.


Preparing for later life and the planning you need.

Applying takes 2 minutes of your time for the benefit of your and your family in your retirement.


We will always support you in later life and be there for you.


Having come up to retirement age and having the caring of Lord Clarke.

I have been able to relax through the change in life and enjoy the things I most like to do.


It has always been a pleasure dealing with Lord Clarke, they have given me the confidants in retirement that my needs are met.


Being able to know all my wishes are acknowledge, my future is happy and secure.

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